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Teuscher Walpole offers comprehensive Litigation Services to assist clients in various legal matters, disputes, and litigation proceedings. Our experienced professionals provide support, analysis, and expert opinions to help clients navigate complex legal challenges.

Here's an overview of our Litigation Services

Forensic Accounting and Investigations

We conduct forensic accounting investigations to uncover and analyze financial irregularities, fraudulent activities, or other financial disputes. Our professionals use specialized techniques and tools to gather evidence, reconstruct financial transactions, and provide expert opinions for use in legal proceedings.

Economic Damage Report

We assess economic damages in litigation cases, such as breach of contract, intellectual property disputes, or personal injury claims. Our experts analyze financial data, evaluate the impact of the alleged wrongdoing, and calculate the financial losses or damages suffered by the aggrieved party.

Business Valuation in Litigation

We provide business valuation services in litigation, such as shareholder disputes, marital dissolution cases, or business interruption claims. Our experts assess the value of businesses, shares, or assets to determine fair compensation or division of assets. We provide expert reports and testimony regarding business valuation matters.

Expert Witness Testimony

Our professionals can serve as expert witnesses in legal proceedings, providing independent opinions, analysis, and testimony on matters within their areas of expertise. As expert witnesses, we present transparent and credible specialist opinions to assist the court or arbitration panel in making informed decisions.

Financial Discovery and Document Review

We assist legal teams in the processes of financial discovery and document review. Our professionals review financial records, contracts, emails, and other relevant documents to identify pertinent information, assess financial implications, and provide insights for use in legal proceedings.

Damage Quantification and Financial Modeling

We employ financial modeling techniques to quantify damages, assess the financial impact of alleged wrongdoing, or evaluate the potential outcomes of legal disputes. Our experts use advanced financial models to simulate scenarios, assess probabilities, and provide insights into possible financial results.

Fraud Risk Review

We assess your vulnerability to fraud, evaluate internal controls, and develop strategies to prevent and detect fraudulent activities. Our experts guide fraud risk mitigation measures, internal control enhancements, and the implementation of anti-fraud programs.

Expert Analysis and Reports

We prepare expert reports that present our analysis, findings, and expert opinions clearly and concisely. These reports are designed to assist legal teams and the court in understanding complex financial matters and the implications for the case.

Mediation and Dispute Resolution Support

We provide support and expert analysis in mediation and alternative dispute resolution processes. Our professionals assist in negotiating settlements, providing financial insights, and helping parties understand the financial implications of various settlement options.

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Teuscher Walpole’s Litigation Services are designed to provide clients with expert support and analysis in legal matters. Our professionals have extensive experience in forensic accounting, economic damages assessment, business valuation, and financial analysis.

Contact us to discuss your litigation needs and how our team can support your legal objectives.